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I was wondering which assisted living facilities in the state of Virginia accept "Medicaid Auxiliary Grants"? I've called quite a few and so far only two facilties are accepting these grants but what other facilties accept these auxiliary grants; there has to be more than two... I've used other resources such as my state website which didn't offer much help along with a host of other resources but I seem to be stuck...

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Stuck in Virginia

Dear Stuck in Virginia,

I checked with sources in your state about "Medicaid Auxiliary Grants" and whether assisted living providers will accept them or whether they are even aware of them. You refer to them as "Medicaid Auxiliary Grants", but my sources indicate that they aren't Medicaid grants at all, but that they are just "Auxiliary Grants". These grants are a combination of state and local dollars and there is no federal Medicaid funding involved. They are 80% state general funds that are matched with 20% local governmental dollars. This funding is used for assisted living and for adult foster care residences for people who do not meet Medicaid nursing facility level of care. These auxiliary grants are administered by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

In Northern Virginia, $1,236 per month is available and a person must have income below this amount in order to qualify. Additionally, income will be spent down to a nominal amount of $97.00 per month which is available for personal needs not covered by the assisted living facility or foster residence. Down state, the income level is slightly lower reflecting a lower average income for the area. Down-state the income eligibility is $1,075.00 per month. The amount of income is set by, and periodically adjusted by, the state.

Eligibility is determined by the local department of social services. Which local department must be used depends on where the person lives. Residence must be established at an assisted living facility or foster residence. Auxiliary grant benefits are paid by the local department directly to the individual who then pays the assisted living facility or foster residence for services rendered. The individual must reside in an assisted living facility or approved foster care residence.

As to the question of which assisted living facilities accept the auxiliary grants, or how find out which ones accept the grants, the answer is tricky. I couldn't find an easy way; an up-to-date listing from a state agency or official governmental web site, for example. All I could find was a statement on the Virginia Department of Social Services web page that said that not all facilities accept the grants. It might work best to check with local social service departments affiliated with county and/or city government since the addresses of eligible people are verified and maintained and the checks sent, at this level of government.

For more information try:

Virginia Department of Social Services
Division of Finance
7 N. Eighth Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Or try:

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