Needing financial assistance

Parents residing at an assisted living facility and are running out of money, what options do they have? … 

Dear Mike,

In your answer about auxiliary grants, the max monthly income is $1,075 per person per month in my area of Virginia (Radford/Pulaski). My parents currently reside at an assisted living facility in Pulaski, Virginia. Between the two of them they receive just over $1600 per month. My dad receives a little over the maximum between his government worker pension and his social security, but my mother earns a bit less than $500. Is there a couple maximum? Between the two of them, they are clearly under a combined individual max. They are currently expending their savings and will run out of money in about 16 months. They have no property or other valuables to sell. The savings that they are now using resulted in the sale of their home. What options do they have?

Thanks for your time.

Gentle Reader

Dear Gentle Reader,

Thank you for your question. You bring up problems that are all too common. Unfortunately, your parents probably aren't going to be eligible for any financial assistance at least until … 

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Does the government pay providers for respite and habilitation care for children? … 

Hello Mike,

I am currently working as a provider of respite and habilitation care for children with autism in Tucson, Arizona and I was wondering what the government pays such agencies to provide such care?


Probing for Pay

Dear Probing for Pay,

Thanks for writing. You provide respite and habilitation services to children with autism in Tucson, Arizona and want to know how much the agency providers are paid for doing same … 

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Will my husband's social security affect my VA benefits? … 

Hi Mike

I am receiving benefits from the VA now, however in 2012 I can receive my husband's social security. Will the VA stop the benefits that I am receiving from them?

Benefits Conundrum

Dear Benefits Conundrum,

My knowledge base is personal assistance services, not Social Security or, especially, VA benefits. However, I do know a little about this and our website may be of assistance … 

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What is the max allowed income I can make while still qualifying for Medicaid? … 


What is the max allowed income I can make while still qualifying for Medicaid? I am a Missouri resident.


Missouri Max Medicaid Income

Dear Missouri Max Medicaid Income,

To begin to answer your question, I first need to explain that my knowledge base and the purpose of this column are to help answer questions about personal assistance services (PAS). That being said, I'll do my best to assist you … 

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Insufficient income to pay housing costs … 


My mother is 86 and lives in a sunrise house and nearing the end of her funds, will be left with insufficient income to pay the cost.

She has pensions totaling $17,000 per year. Do you know of any federal or state programs that can help. My father was a WWII vet and we have applied for federal funds to a max of $900 per month. Do you know of a list for medicaid approved assisted living in Northern VA.


Mom's running out of funds

Dear Mom's running out of funds

While I do not know if there is such a list, I do think our website can be of assistance. Before I get started, though, I do want to point out that with an income of around $27,800 … 

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Need assistance for a WWII vet … 


I married an older man. He is a World War II veteran. We have been married for 30 years. He is 92 and is on a 100% disability pension. If I needed help taking care of him in our home in the near future - for he had a bleeding on the brain, and has a lot of heart, lung, kidney and bone disease - is there help, and if so where do I get the help from? We live in West Virginia.

Married to a Vet

Dear Married to a Vet

Since he is a veteran, you should definitely contact the Veterans Administration (VA). The source of his 100% disability pension is unclear, but if it is a VA benefit, then you should already have a connection … 

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Will Medicaid pay for the entire assisted living bill for my disabled husband … 

Dear Mike,

my husband of 33 years had 6 heart attacks in 5 hours in 2005. These left him with a brain injury and motor skill damage. He only has 25% of good heart muscle left. He is now 55 years old and I am 51. We have a son at home who just turned 18. I have been trying to take care of my husband at home and working 45 hours a week just to keep a roof over our heads. I recently put him in a assisted living faculty for which they took his SSD check and medicaid paid the rest. The strain was to much on me financially we almost lost the house. I had to bring him back home and I know I will not be able to give him the care he needs. How do I get medicaid to pay all hisss assisted living bill and let me keep his check for mortgage.

Nowhere to turn in Virginia

Dear Nowhere to turn in Virginia,

This is an all too common problem. Assisted Living Facilities, like nursing facilities, are within their rights to take all but a token amount of an individual's Social Security check … 

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Does Wisconsin participate in a paid assistance program … 

Dear Mike,

Does Wisconsin participate in the paid assistance program? My mother has cancer and I help care for her. She had Medicare and a supplemental. Also what are the states that participate? I clicked on the map and it was not a yes or no making it hard to tell.

Hard to Tell in Wisconsin

Dear Hard to Tell in Wisconsin,

You should know that every state in the nation now provides some form of paid in-home assistance, usually funded by Medicaid. How much of what type of assistance, and to whom, varies greatly from state to state … 

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Eligible for any kind of assistance … 

Dear Mike,

My husband has a younger half brother who is consider to be developmentally delayed and has been living in foster care for about 10 years now. As he will be turning 18 in December his case worker has recently contacted us about him coming to stay in our home as he has no other family. The father left before he was born and their mother passed away 2 yrs ago. We feel that we should be the ones caring for him but at the same time don't think we can afford for either of us to cut back our hours at work or quit our job to stay home and care for him. Do you know if we would be eligible for any kind of assistance if we take him in?


Developmentally delayed in Oregon.

Dear Developmentally Delayed in Oregon,

Thanks for writing. Your husband's half-brother is "considered to be developmentally delayed". He has been in foster care, but is turning 18 and you have been contacted about him coming to live with you. You feel that he should live with you and your husband, but are worried about cutting back on work and income in order to provide the supports he needs … 

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Have not been paid in 9 months … 

Hello Mike,

I am an in home caregiver for an 87 year old woman and have not been paid in 9 months. Her niece who takes care of her finances claims she does not have the money to pay me. However, I cannot afford to do this job any longer. I need money. Are there any programs in New Hampshire that pay in home caregivers? I keep searching online and and I am not finding anything.

Thank you,

Caregiver Needs to be Paid

Dear Caregiver Needs to be Paid,

There is definitely a Medicaid Waiver (Aged Waiver) that pays for services for those individuals that are aged 65 and older … 

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