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Demo Waiver entries for New Hampshire

Research & Demonstration Projects §1115 waivers provide provions for experimental, pilot, or demonstration projects likely to assist in promoting the objectives of the Medicaid statute. Flexibility under Section 1115 is sufficiently broad to allow states to test substantially new ideas of policy merit. These projects are intended to demonstrate and evaluate a policy or approach has not been demonstrated on a widespread basis. Some states expand eligibility to individuals not otherwise eligible under the Medicaid program, provide services that are not typically covered, or use innovative service delivery systems.



Section i:


Date submitted ii:

July 2002

Date approved iii:

Dec 2002

Date started iv:

Jan 2003

Expiry date v:

Jan 2006

Name of project:

Home Support Waiver for Children with DD

Target group (eligibility) vi:

Children with MR/DD

No. slots:

200 xx

Services covered:

Family support & care co-ordination, personal care, respite, modifications.

Area covered:


Further details:

New Hampshire received funding from the RWJF ‘Self-Determination’ project. Approved under IP.

Independence Plus: A Demonstration Program for Family or Individual Directed Community Services Waiver (October 2002):

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